Why Ceilidhs?

Weddings, Parties, PTA Fundraisers…Whatever your event a ceilidh is a great choice for a fun and inclusive activity.  They can scale in size from tiny pub backrooms to massive marquees and are accessible for all abilities.  Whether you call it a ceilidh, barndance or folk dance anyone of any age will find something to enjoy at a ceilidh.

Why me?

I am a ceilidh caller based in Coventry, trained by Sheffield Ceilidhsoc and aided and abetted by various musicians and bands. Ceilidh dancing is great fun for everyone and I enjoy calling at a wide variety of events and levels – picking the best dances for the occasion means it’s always fun. So far I have been lucky enough to call for a wide variety of events including weddings, birthdays, regular ceilidh series, balls, fund-raisers and ice-breakers for larger events. I have also called for many sizes of ceilidhs from small and reluctant wedding parties to hundreds of drunk and enthusiastic students.

My expertise also spreads into a number of other styles so if you want an american contra or costumed playford (see every Jane Austen adaptation ever…) or themed LARP ball I can recommend excellent bands and would love to hear from you.